Welcome to the apps section. This is where you'll find a nice landing page for any of my development/works that are for your mobile devices that are not particularly game related. Anything else I work on, however, you'll find in the Misc section. Everything is organized for your convenience and my sanity.

Pick a Game
Posted on 27/11/2017 by Matt

Are you having trouble deciding what game to play? This App will pick an unplayed game from your Steam Library. Simply enter your custom Steam URL, no logon required.

Release date: 15/11/2017

Available on:

Hashtags For Likes.co
Posted on 27/11/2017 by Matt

Hashtags For Likes.co was developed for Social Envy.
Hashtagsforlikes helps you add hashtags to your Instagram pictures faster. You MAY get more likes/followers as a result of this.

Release date: 21/12/2016

Available on:
Apple iOS |  Android