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[Game Jam] Ludum Dare 55
Category:Game Jam
Posted on 19/04/2024 by Matt

Ludum Dare 55 has come and gone, and we have managed to get an entry together. Snack Summoner was made in for the Jam in the 3 day time period.
Snack Summoner is a rhythm game where the goal is to summon a tasty snack.

Play on itch.io |  Ludum Dare 55
[Notice] Regarding Unity 3D
Posted on 03/10/2023 by Matt

Since Unity has been in the headlines a bit recently we feel it only right to post what is happening with Air Dinghy games going forward.
As all our games that have been published on both itch.io and the mobile app stores to date use the Unity Engine.
When Unity announced its merger with IronSource last year, all our Unity games have had Unity Analytics and Advertising removed.
At this point in time there is no monitization in any Air Dinghy Titles.

With the recent run time charges debacle, and more importantly, the retro-active change in terms of service we have made the decision to change engines to Godot.

Godot was chosen as we feel that their core values align closer with our own.

If you have any thoughts or questions regarding this feel free to reach out on our social media.

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[Update] Web Site
Posted on 25/06/2023 by Matt

The Air Dinghy site is in the process of being re-launched. New games will be added to the Games Page. The Mod page is going. Please bear with us as the site is updated, and do follow us on social media for updates as they come.

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Alternatively, you can play our games at the following places:

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