The Games Section features released games developed by Air Dinghy Interactive and Split Theory.
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Posted on 15/12/2016 by Matt

You are Bob the Alien, you need to abduct as many of this so called intelligent species as you can. Watch out for the tanks though, your shields and armour are not effect against such a primitive form of weaponry. Abducty Road was an entry into the GDL Area 51 game jam.

Release date: 15/12/2016

Available on:
Apple iOS |  Android |

Posted on 28/09/2016 by Matt

You are a Pilot for Alpha Squadron. Take control of your fighter and defend your station from the AI hive coming out of deep space. Control your ship with either swipe or buttons, use autofire, or tap it out ultra fast. Purchase upgrades for your weapons, hull, and shields. Shoot for as many kills as you can.

Check out the trailer here

Release date: 28/09/2016

Available on:
Apple iOS |  Android |

Posted on 16/01/2016 by Matt

Gap it Bit 2.5d is out now on Android. In this fast paced runner, you control Bit as you jump breaks, compress under depleted objects, compile coins, and develop upgrades. And like the last release no microtransactions.

Check out the trailer here.

Release date: 16/01/2016

Available on:
Google Play  |  Amazon  |  Slide Me  |  Apple iOS

Posted on 14/11/2015 by Matt

Our first game released for the mobile platform. Gap it Bit is a 3rd person, Infinite runner style game where the objective is to collect power ups, and coins to purchase upgrades and increase your overall score.

Release date: 11/07/2013

Available on:
Google Play  |  Amazon  |  Windows Phone

Game Prototypes
Posted on 11/04/2016 by Matt

Here is a link to the collection of game prototypes and game jame entries that have been created. All are playable on line with some having downloads for Android Versions.

Let us know what you think and if any deserve a full release.

Available on: