The Games Section features released games developed by Air Dinghy Interactive and Split Theory.
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Flickering Shadows

Play as a mysterious creation born from the shadows and imagination of a young child. Navigate alongside nondescript cars, vaulting street lights, and sliding past bushes, all while remaining barely visible. Your existence is fleeting, and exposure to even the light of a nearby smartphone can turn you into a wisp of smoke.

Release date: 03/02/2024

Available on:
Android  | Apple iOS  |

The Hooter Commuter

Tap the screen to clear your nostrils and guide your nose through a series of obstacles. Your goal is to navigate your nose through a series of buildings without touching them. But beware, the buildings are placed at varying heights, so you'll need to time your blows just right to avoid a collision.

Release date: 26/03/2023

Available on:
Android  |


Aliens are dropping out of warp around Uranus and attacking the mining colonies that are on the planet and the surrounding moons.
Take them out as you orbit the planet at high speed.

Release date: 28/01/2023

Available on:
Android  | Apple iOS  |


In KiwiHop you control of New Zealand birds as you experience the hardships they face for survival in the NZ bush.
Learn about different the birds native to New Zealand with educational and informative facts after each game.

Release date: 28/08/2022

Available on:
Android  | Apple iOS


Painter trucks is an all on all death match game between one player and 3 AI's.
Play short rounds of 1 to 5 minutes and see who rains supreme.

Release date: 13/10/2019

Available on:
Android  | Apple iOS


Originally named "Alpha Space Fighter"

Get ready to take on hordes of drones coming your way. Blast them all and shoot for the high score.
Upgrade your ship and take the fight to them. Get ready to take on hordes of drones coming your way.
Blast them all and shoot for the high score. Upgrade your ship and take the fight to them.

Release date: 08/08/2019

Available on:
Android  | Apple iOS


You are Bob the Alien, you need to abduct as many of this so called intelligent species as you can. Watch out for the tanks though, your shields and armour are not effect against such a primitive form of weaponry. Abducty Road was an entry into the GDL Area 51 game jam.

Release date: 15/12/2016

Available on:
Android  | Apple iOS


In this fast paced runner, you control Bit as you jump breaks, compress under depleted objects, compile coins, and develop upgrades.

Release date: 16/01/2016

Available on:
Google Play  |  Apple iOS


Our first game released for the mobile platform.
Gap it Bit is a randomly generated, endless runner style game with Voxel style graphics.
Control Bit as you score points and collect creds while navigating an ever increasingly fast map.

Release date: 11/07/2013

Available on:
Google Play  |  Apple iOS

Game Prototypes

Here is a link to the collection of game prototypes and game jame entries that have been created. All are playable on line with some having downloads for Android Versions.

Let us know what you think and if any deserve a full release.

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